Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It has been forever

well i realize that it has been a long time since i last posted but under the benevolent pressuring of a certain someone (no names) i have decided to give you a bit of an update of my life.

i am still liking teaching. i have gotten a hang of the curriculum and teaching method etc. i think i am pretty good at it, i think. i am frustrating with some things and working on Saturdays is getting to me. thankfully we have had a few typhoon days to give us some days off. We have had about 4 typhoons this summer although most have been lame. The last one was pretty intense and i was in Taipei which was hit even harder than the town i live in.

i have managed to get the occassional dj gig and have a big one set for halloween with a prime time slot, which i am quite excited about. i have felt pretty isolated musically however and am eager to return to the miliu of people talking intelligently about music.

on that note i am planning a big trip to australia in january for the rainbow serpent festival, which i am totally stoked about. this is a world class festival with some awesome headliners. i missed all the summer festivals in canada and am eager to make up for it.

another big news is that i have lost about 20 pounds since coming here. i have continued to work out every day, cardio and weights, and am quite proud of my self discipline around it. it has taken a lot of effort an time and commitment but the results are coming along well.

i have made lots of friends here but i am definitely missing my tribe back home and look forward to my return in less than 5 months now. i have some exciting adventures before then, but they pale in comparison to the adventures that await upon my return.

ok i'm out...hope this satisfies some folks.