Thursday, February 21, 2008

Intense Training Week

Well I am into my second full day of training and it has been draining with long hours, but I am learning plenty. After quickly trying to get caught up on the first day, having to stay up quite late to work on a presentation for today, getting to class today at 8am and finishing at 6pm I am pretty exhausted. We have reviewed teaching kindergarten, which surprisingly seems super fun, and some higher level classes. There is more of the same tomorrow and thankfully we have Saturday off to check out some of the city. The food is ok and the beer is cheap ($1 for a can of good beer).

My fellow teachers for the most part are super friendly and have made friends. I am always initially shy but by the second day I was talking to people about music, politics and all sorts of other things.

I am really looking forward to Kaohsiung and the beautiful weather, beaches etc., there. Not to metion teaching and such. Travel plans to Hong Kong and Australia are also being put together.

Hope everyone is having fun. Hopefully I will have some photos up soon :)


Frida said...

Hi, Alex.

So glad you are there and moving into a new space and exciting learning. I look forward to your frequent news--I bit of vicarious experience for those of us left in our more routine lives. My Center's event on "Religion and War" was excellent last night; we got 230 people in the audience--mostly students--which is a very good turn-out at Depaul. One of our speakers, Cherif Bassioni, is very impressive--he's an international law specialist at our university who was at the center of the establishment of the international court of justice in the Hague; he's been nominated for a Nobel Prize....

Take good care.

mo said...

trip to hong kong? you don't say ; )

Anonymous said...

Dude...I remember when you didn't drink any beer, just that damned cider :)

Have a wicked time man...I must admit, I'm jealous - cheers.