Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rough Start

Well what a way to start off my adventure. After a long flight to LA and a long drive to my gramma's i realize that I had left my passport behind at the airport parking lot. Despite desperate attempts to find it, calling everyone, looking everywhere, it has gone. I have spent the last 24 hours starting the complex process of getting a replacement, getting a new Taiwanese VISA, informing my employer in Taiwan that I will be running a few days later than expected, and rescheduling my flight to Sunday (I was originally leaving Thursday). It looks like things are moving in a positive direction but all will not be completed until Friday. This has been such a stressful couple of days and I am sure in the future I'll have a good laugh about it all but wow...a roller coaster week for sure.

Wish me well.

UPDATE: It is Friday night, I have my passport, visa, and new flight itinerary . I am lucky to have my grandmother, aunt and uncle here to help me out. Wow what a ride :p


Kelly said...

Hey Alex! Glad to hear everything's come through. Have a safe flight tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

So Alex,

Are you actually in Taiwan after all the stress and episodes??? :-0

Hoping you are fine and settling in....

Cousin Anne BTW 8 more days for the Masters!

Jessica said...

Alex! Have a better start in Taiwan than you attempt to depart! Wishing you the best!
:-) Jess