Friday, March 14, 2008

Still Alive

OK it has been a while. so much to say not sure where to start.

Teaching is going quite well. HESS is pretty professional, the people are friendly and helpful and I am getting better everyday. Most of the students are pretty awesome, although I have the occasional rowdy class. In general I have been very impressed with the proficiency of these students in English. Especially the kindergarten kids!!! I go to Taipei next week to get my new passport and to do a one month follow up training.

Kaohsiung and Taiwan has been quite the experience. 7-11's on every corner (not exaggerating), red lights seem to be an optional traffic directive, the pollution is pretty shitty, but on the bright side the weather is awesome and we have monkey's living near here. I am going hiking with some friends to see them on Sunday.

I am trying my best to keep in touch with friends back home, staying up to date with new music and working on music production stuff here. Anyways, gotta hit the bed as I have teaching in the morning. All the best.

PS my phone number is 0915498384

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