Friday, April 4, 2008

Lots To Tell

OK It has been a long time so I will give a bit of an update.

Teaching is going really well. I am especially enjoying kindergarten. The kids are eager to learn and just adorable. We play games for three hours, all focused on learning English vocabulary and sentence patterns. They are really really bright too. We just had a major spelling test and they all did super well. I feel like I played a pretty big part in their noticeable improvement in the last few weeks. I have seriously begun thinking of going to Teacher's College and to focus on younger kids. We'll see how things work out. Here are some pics from a water fight day they had on Thursday...very cute!!!

In terms of Taiwan, I have explored some more. Today was a national holiday so a few of the teachers went up to the nearby mountains, which are beautiful. We rode up in our scooters and swam under the waterfalls. There wasn't much water as rain season hasn't started yet but otherwise it was pretty fun.

Although I have generally really enjoyed my time here, I will say that I am not a huge fan of the food. It's all too greasy, too meaty, and some of it just disgusting. I realize there is a cultural bias on my party, but really is rice and congealed pigs blood appetizing? Or stinky tofu? (which smells like manure btw)...I have found a few good places but am making an effort to eat more fruit and cereal and improve my diet. On that note I have also started working out everyday. I go right after kindy and bike and lift weights. I have done this before but lets hope my commitment is a little more consistent now.

OK signing out


ANNE said...


The kids are beautiful as well as the photos of the mountains! You are most definitely making an impact as kids only open up with their senses of good and bad. Keep on writing!

I have had several interviews and seem to be closing in after the MBA and I will let you know.

Mom and Dad have been here for 12 days and leave to go back to CA tomorrow. The kids loved having them.

I do not know if I can paste their latest school shots and will try.



mo said...

update your blog already!